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If your business has any kind of truck, then you need trucking insurance. This is a specific type of commercial insurance that is created for semi trucks, delivery vehicles, vans, or any other truck. At Gene Garner insurance we know the specifics that are need when you insure your truck, whether you have just 1 or 30 we can create a trucking insurance plan for your business. We are a Texas company located in Houston, but we’ve insured all kinds of trucks and fleets in Austin, San Antonio and through out Texas. Your trucks are an important part of your business if you need them for deliveries or if you are a plumber for example to make house calls, why not protect one of your most business tools?
Trucking insurance works similarly to other commercial vehicle insurance policies, and even personal insurance polices, where it covers you against damages to the truck and/or to other vehicles, people or property. There are basic liability trucking insurance policies that would only cover you in the case one of your trucks was to get into an accident and cause damage to another vehicle. That way the policy would pay for the damages that your truck had caused. Saving you money that would have to go to that party to pay for their repairs and even against any lawsuits and medical costs.
However if you are looking for a more encompassing trucking insurance policy that would cover your trucks more thoroughly, we have comprehensive trucking insurance options as well. That way if your truck was to get damaged on the job, were to get stolen or vandalized we have policies that would pay for those damages. If you have a very specialized truck repairs can get very expensive, since the average mechanic would probably not be familiar on how to fix it. Not to mention if your truck was damaged enough to have to be replaced; a lot of these kinds of specialized trucks can get very expensive to replace. Having a comprehensive trucking insurance policy takes away the stress of having to worry about that.
We also offer truck cargo insurance options as well. That way if you are in the trucker or delivery business your cargo will be covered with this specific kind of trucking insurance. Every payload is different, so we can customize a policy that will work to exactly what you may be carrying.
Whatever your trucking insurance needs maybe, and no matter if you just have one kind of truck or a fleet of many we can help find an affordable trucking insurance policy that works for you. Contact us today to see how we can help insure your trucks.

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