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When owning condos, apartment buildings or any other multi-unit properties there are very specific insurance needs. That’s where Apartment Insurance, also known as Habitational Insurance, comes in. They are insurance policies specifically designed for people who own these kinds of properties. If you own any condo, apartment building or any other kind of multi-unit property in Houston, Austin, San Antonio or anywhere else in Texas talk to our Habitational Insurance experts at Gene Garner Insurance. We’ve been helping property owners insure their properties for years.

Why is Habitational Insurance Important?

A general liability policy often doesn’t cover all the things that could go wrong, which is why Habitational Insurance is so important since it’s been specifically designed to cover what could go wrong. We also know that not every property is the same, so our experts will get to know your specific situation so we can tailor a Habitational Insurance policy that will work best for your property. Since we are a local Texas company we are familiar with the risks that Texas property owners have since we have worked with many condo, apartment and multi-unit property owners through out the state.

No one can find the perfect tenant which is why having a good Habitational Insurance policy is so important. A costly lawsuit or a destructive tenant can end up costing you endless amounts of money. In most cases as a multi-unit property owner, you own the properties as an investment and a money making opportunity. Having to put too much money into it is never an attractive proposition, so our experts will work with you to make Habitational Insurance not something that you have to waste money on. We work with many great providers and we can find you the best combination of rate and price available anywhere. You don’t have to feel like putting money into a Habitational Insurance policy has to be an unneeded expense, we’ll make sure that your policy will cover your property and give you the peace of mind that if something were to go wrong you’d be covered.

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Don’t trust your property to another insurance company which isn’t familiar with what a condo, apartment or multi-unit property owner needs. Our Habitational Insurance experts will make sure you have the best coverage at the lowest possible rate. Contact us today for a free custom rate quote.

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