Property Insurance

Do you own a commercial property like an office building, warehouse, or a strip center? If you do then you are familiar with property insurance. When it comes to property insurance our experts at Gene Garner Insurance will make sure your commercial property will cover against anything that could happen. We work with many commercial property owners in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and anywhere else in Texas let us help you today. One of the biggest advantages we have over the larger property insurance providers is that we are independent, so instead of just working with just one provider we work with many great providers. The advantage to you is that we can find you the best rates with the property insurance coverage you need.

When it comes to property insurance it covers the commercial property itself, so of course if it were damaged for whatever reason your policy would cover the costs to repair your building. Property insurance policies will cover the most common types of damages, like fire and vandalism. However not every commercial property is the same just like not every business is the same, where one kind of coverage would be important to one business, it could be unnecessary for another. These small intricacies make a big different in how much you pay for your property insurance. More important is if you don’t have that specific kind of coverage in your property insurance policy, if that specific situation were to happen and you don’t have the proper coverage it could end up costing you dearly. We will get to know your business and create a property insurance policy that will cover your commercial property against all possible damages.

Beyond just the physical damages that could occur to your commercial property, there is the issue of people being injured and then you have to pay for the medical costs. Medical costs can get astronomical so making sure that your commercial property is covered against anyone getting injured on your property is very important. Not only do you need to watch out for medical costs, there is also the problem with lawsuits. Someone can sue you, and as the property owner you will be liable. Property insurance will make sure that you will have the financial backing that if you were liable for medical and/or legal costs.

Let our property insurance experts help create an all encompassing property insurance policy. You can take the first step by using our simple Business Quote tool. From there we can start getting to know the needs of your commercial property and creating a property insurance quote.