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Business liability insurance, is a type of business insurance that no business should ever be without. When you own and operate a business it comes with tons of responsibilities and accountabilities. It doesn’t matter even if you do your best to and try to have the best quality products and services; there will always be clients that some how will feel you’ve done them wrong. This is where business liability insurance comes in, here at Gene Garner Insurance we’ve been helping businesses in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and all over Texas protect their businesses for years. As business owners ourselves we know the risks that come into play when you run a business. Let us find you a great business liability policy that will give you a great rate and the coverage your business needs.
There are considered three types of business liability insurance options.
The first is general liability insurance is the main type of business liability coverage. It will protect your business when another party claims injuries, property damage, and false advertising. This type of business liability is one that every business should have. No matter what kind of business you have, you can always be in a situation where someone gets injured, you cause property damage, or your advertising is considered false. With it you can have the financially backing if you were to be sued or had to pay for medical costs.
Then there is professional liability insurance, this is a type of business liability that is common for business that provide services. The way this type of business liability coverage works is that if there are ever any errors or omissions in your services, you’d be covered. It will protect your business if there are malpractice, errors, negligence and omissions filed against you. Lawsuits can be very expensive and time consuming, so having professional liability in your business liability policy will pay for that.
Finally there is product liability insurance this type of business liability is for businesses that are selling or manufacturing products. The idea behind it is that if someone was to be injured as a result of using your product you would be covered. There are many levels of this type of coverage which is dependent on the risk involved of the product your business produces.
No matter what kind of business you may own we can help you create a business liability policy that will cover your business no matter what may happen. You can get started by using our Business Quote tool to let us know a little about your business. From there we can find you the perfect business liability insurance coverage.

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